Scrum Inc., headquartered in Kendall Square, just steps away from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is not only the place where Scrum began, but where it has evolved.

We provide training for individuals, teams, business units and whole companies. We work with people at every level of an organization, from production and development teams, to research scientists and managers, to directors and C-level management.

We consult and coach leading companies across the globe, from start-ups to CMMI Level 5 firms. We work in industries as diverse as health care and pharmaceuticals, software and manufacturing, consulting and construction, sales and defense.

We also are the thought leaders of the Scrum world. Our team members regularly publish scientific papers in the leading journals that reflect the latest thinking and research on Scrum and Agile management and processes.

CEO Dr. Jeff Sutherland wrote and maintains The Scrum Guide, with Ken Schwaber. It is the definitive document defining what Scrum is, and how it works. He also helped write and is a signatory of the Agile Manifesto the seminal document that introduced the very idea of Agile to the world.

Learn about Scrum and download our Basics of Scrum Guide here.

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You can find Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s blog, the Scrum Log here. Since 2002 it’s been the place for the latest in Scrum thinking, discussion, and a bit of provocation.

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Scrum Inc. has helped some of the leading organizations in the world — including Google, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, Adobe and Accenture — gain new levels of productivity and efficiency.

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