Scrum is an Agile framework that allows any team, any business unit, any department, and even any enterprise to create more and better products faster than their competitors. It keeps teams focused on creating value, eliminates wasteful overhead, and empowers teams of people to reach their collective potential. Organizations using Scrum have increased revenue and reduced costs by doing more work with the same or even less effort than traditional management methodologies. Scrum organizations focus on delighting their customers, and are more satisfying places for people to work.

A successful Scrum adoption will profoundly transform an organization. Senior leadership, middle managers and frontline workers all have to be committed to make it work. It will be felt immediately at the team level, but will ultimately fundamentally change every layer of the organization. Properly implemented, Scrum will accelerate development, align individual and corporate goals, and create more value, faster, for shareholders.

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Joe Justice Launches New Course

Scrum Inc. invites you to join Joe Justice, consultant here at Scrum Inc. and Team Lead of WIKISPEED, on May 1st and 2nd for a new learning experience for managers and teams on how to accelerate product development. The course will cover Scrum, Agile, and eXtreme Manufacturing concepts in the classroom and cement them with hands-on experience building a car together across 2 days.

Folks completing this course will have:

  • Hands-on experience with agility in engineering, hardware design, product design, blended hardware and software, and Scrum in flow-based mass manufacturing;
  • Principles of eXtreme Innovation: Scrum applied beyond IT for accelerated delivery and shorter product development cycles;
  • Build a road car, end to end, using Scrum teams, Contract First Design, Object Oriented Architecture, and Test First Development;
  • An AMAZING time doing it!

Kickstart the awesome with us here:



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It took a few Sprints, but the new site is now up and running. It's still in beta, but the jump to a new platform will give us the ability to deliver more content, more courses, and more value.

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