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Scrum can be a powerful transformational tool within your organization, but without the focused and sustained support of the executive leadership, its success can’t be fully realized. Often management teams want to make their companies more Agile, because they know they have to improve to keep their competitive edge. Or perhaps there are teams already using Scrum and management wants to know exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what impact it will have on the organization.

There are some common problems management expresses when hearing about Scrum and Agile for the first time. Scrum uses terminology that is unfamiliar to them; many traditional management tools and metrics are not consistent with the Scrum process, leaving executives feeling un-informed; and the role of a successful leader in a Scrum organization is subtly different, causing some executive teams to struggle as they master their new role.

The impact of great leadership cannot be overestimated, so Scrum Inc. has developed a Leadership Workshop designed to introduce managment to Scrum concepts, help them to speak the language that their teams will be using, and prepare them to collaborate effectively with Scrum teams.  Particular focus is given to how leadership teams can maintain and enhance their traditional goals of building shared vision, maintaining transparency on progress, and driving accountability using Scrum's constructs and tools.  The workshop emphasizes the vital role of management in ensuring a successful Scrum implementation by supporting infrastructure needed for success and removing impediments that are beyond the team's ability to address.  The workshop includes an explicit discussion of what leaders should and should not expect from a Scrum team at different phases of implementation.

All concepts are presented from a management perspective, including a module on linking Scrum and Agile to the company's strategic goals to drive competitive advantage. The workshop is customized to address your specific company goals and pain points to motivate and illustrate Scrum, encouraging an opportunity to address pressing corporate issues in the context of the workshop.

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