Power of Scrum On the Kindle

02/03/2012 11:30

After many, many requests for an eBook version of The Power of Scrum we’re happy to announce that it is now available on the Kindle. It really is a powerful book that lays out in a narrative form the difficulties and triumphs people and companies experience when implementing Scrum. From the foreword written by Stephen Denning, author of The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management:

The Power of Scrum…translates dry and abstract reasons and numbers into a compelling living picture of what Scrum involves.

It tells a tale of how Scrum came to be successfully introduced in a software development company. The tale rings true: it feels authentic because, unlike what you read in most management textbooks, the people in this book are the mixed bag that you find in any real-life workplace: educated, intelligent and at times collaborative but also opinionated, egotistical, jealous and proud. Trust is at a premium. Snake-oil and management fads are rampant. Employees have lives outside the workplace with spouses who have different agendas. This is the kind of a world where a manager might throw a laptop into the drywall to make a point he felt strongly about.

In this refreshing, energizing and persuasive tale, you will live through the introduction of Scrum in a software development firm. You will experience that world through the eyes of Mark, the Chief Technology Officer, and get a holistic account of the change process.

The story is entertaining and moving, memorable and authentic. Through it, you will see the meaning of Scrum. You will get both the feel of it and the why of it. In the process, you will learn how you too can radically transform the way work in your firm is managed and so get the extraordinary benefits that flow from continuous innovation, deep job satisfaction and client delight.

We’ve found the book a great way to introduce Scrum to those unfamiliar with it, especially Management. Jeff Sutherland, the co-Creator of Scrum and the CEO of Scrum Inc., distills his vision about how Scrum works, but also brings his decades of experience helping companies to transform and lays out some of the difficulties organizations run into when moving to Agile. 

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