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03/24/2014 14:14

It took a few Sprints, but the new site is now up and running. It's still in beta, but the jump to a new platform will give us the ability to deliver more content, more courses, and more value.

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Jeff Sutherland weighs in on launch

10/26/2013 08:15

Hear what Jeff has to say about the launch on NPR's All Things Considered.

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Joe Justice joins the Scrum Inc. Team

09/09/2013 08:15

Joe Justice, the founder of WIKISPEED, has joined the Scrum Inc. team to help deliver Agile results to manufacturing companies. “Team WIKISPEED can build a car in a matter of hours,” says Joe Justice. “We use Scrum to make that happen. By joining the team at Scrum Inc. I think we can take that to the world. Even more awesome, we can teach you how to do it.”

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First Scrum Capability Rating Awarded

10/19/2012 15:00

Scrum Inc. is pleased to recognize First Line Software, based in St. Petersburg, Russia with the first Scrum Capability Medallion for their strong Scrum. First Line The Scrum Inc. team assessed three client development teams and senior leadership at First Line in September 2012. Their strong performance earned them the first Bronze Rating, and management is eager to expand the evaluation program to other teams.

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Announcing Scrumlab:

08/15/2012 08:56

There is now one place to turn to for the latest knowledge, insight, ideas, and best practices of Scrum, Agile development, and transformational leadership: Scrumlab. Scrum Inc. has launched this new and growing community at Scrumlab will give members definitive and authoritative Scrum and Agile thinking and methods. Scrum Inc. CEO and the co-creator of Scrum Dr. Jeff Sutherland announced the launch with this statement:

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New Leadership Workshop for Agile Executives

04/13/2012 09:46

As more and more companies realize they can’t compete without implementing Agile practices in the Scrum framework, a stampede is beginning of organizations that say they want to “go Agile.” Scrum Inc. has worked with hundreds of organizations and found over and over that management and executive understanding and support are critical to successfully making that switch. Scrum Inc. is now offering Leadership Workshops to executive teams and managers to help make the transition.

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Power of Scrum On the Kindle

02/03/2012 11:30

After many, many requests for an eBook version of The Power of Scrum we’re happy to announce that it is now available on the Kindle. It really is a powerful book that lays out in a narrative form the difficulties and triumphs people and companies experience when implementing Scrum.

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